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If you suffer a puncture you can bring your car to FastFit safe in the knowledge that we will fix the problem quickly and efficiently. Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques means we will prevent moisture, dirt and other objects from getting into your tyres in the future. We will also take care of wheel alignment, balancing, tyre rotation and can fill your tyres with nitrogen gas if you wish to reduce the risk of blow-outs. We offer all popular makes and types of tyres in order to meet every customers needs.



At FastFit, we supply a selection of batteries from leading manufacturers to make sure we can cover a wide range of vehicle types. With FastFit technicians who are fully trained in removing, charging, installing and replacing batteries, your car will always have a battery that can support it on the road.

Provided by Orient Insurance, an Al-Futtaim company, PROTECT+ provides specialist financial protection against unexpected expenses. With best-in-class customer service as well as near instant response times you will be covered for:

● Burst tyres
● Lost keys
● Annual vehicle test failure.

Find out more about PROTECT+ Insurance by speaking to your service advisor at the Al-Futtaim ALAC Group.

Our Services

With a Fast Service, we aim to provide the highest level of maintenance attention in the shortest time possible. You can book a designated time slot or bring your car in for an emergency service if needed. A Fast Service covers everything from oil changes Brakes and component tests to AC refill and more.

FastFit locations are located throughout the UAE, including in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain. For more information about these services and to book an appointment today, please follow the link below to enquire now.

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Lower inflation pressure may lead to:

• Heat separation and burst tyre
• Irregular wear
• Increased fuel consumption

Higher inflation pressure may lead to:
• Longer breaking distance
• Cut damage
• Irregular wear

• Understand the correct inflation pressure for your tyres
• Check and correct inflation pressure of your tyres at least once a month
• Do not guess but check inflation pressure with a proper gauge

Both side shoulder wear

• Result of low inflation pressure, mostly seen on the front tyres

One side shoulder wear
• Excessive alignment setting (camber, toe)

Centre wear

• Result of too high inflation pressure mostly seen on tyres on driven axles

• Maintain proper inflation and check and correct wheel alignment periodically
• Rotate your tyres periodically
• Avoid driving in an aggressive manner (Sudden steering or braking at high speed)

Cut or cracking on tyres may lead to:

• Puncture or tyre burst


• Maintain proper inflation pressure
• Drive in a proper manner and avoid contacting tyre sidewall with foreign objects or Kerb during drive
• Keep tyres away from direct sunlight, oil or appliances emitting ozone

A deteriorated tyre valve causes air leak leading to serious tyre damage such as the separation or the rupture of tyre components.


• Always check any cut or cracking on the valve
• Use valve cap
• Use new valve for new tyre

Tyre bulging may lead to the separation or the rupture of tyre components. There are many causes of tyre bulging, such as the use in low inflation pressure, impact or kerbing damage. 

• Maintain proper inflation pressure
• Drive in a proper manner and avoid contacting tyre with foreign objects or kerb during drive​​

Worn tread (Shallower tread depth) may lead to:

• Slippery on wet surface
• Hydroplaning
• Uncomfortable ride


• Remove worn tyres at the tread depth of 1.6mm or less and replace them with new tyres