Morgan Motor Company Ltd. is one of the most popular and famous car brands in the world and Al-Futtaim Auto Centers is proud to be the official distributor of the marque in the UAE. Through our ERAS Customs & Classics business, you can get behind the wheel of one of these unique cars.

Beginning with the Morgan three-wheeler in 1909, this British manufacturer has continued to develop throughout its history. In 1936 the four-wheeled model first came into production and since then Morgan has continued to produce innovative, charismatic and high-quality cars.

Whilst Morgan still builds and designs new models today, it is the Classic Range that continues to draw in the most drivers. The Morgan 3 Wheeler was relaunched in 2011 and the 4/4 is now the world’s longest-running production vehicle. ERAS Customs & Classics offers the following models:

Morgan Standard 3 Wheeler

A simply beautiful piece of engineering. Gloss black wire wheels provide eye-catching style and the car also features polished exhausts and a heat shield. Rapid acceleration will get you from 0 to 62mph in an impressive 6.0 seconds.

Morgan SuperDry 3 Wheeler

The SuperDry version combines two of Britain's most famous brands and includes a stunning exterior design.

Morgan AERO Coupe

A 0 to 62mph time of just 4.5 seconds tells you all you need to know about the AERO Coupe. Bold, ambitious and exciting, the top speed of 170mph highlights the power of the V8 engine.

Morgan SuperSports

With 367bhp from the V8 engine you will have an immense amount of power to use in the SuperSports, whose low slung shape also helps to enhance aerodynamic performance.

Morgan 4/4 Model 1.6l

As the first Morgan car to have four wheels the 4/4 is truly iconic. The latest models retain all of the class and elegance of the originals, allowing you to grace the road in true style.

Morgan Plus 4 2.0l

Wide wings and tyres allow the Morgan Plus 4 to have a more assertive road presence than the standard 4/4 model.

Morgan Plus 4 (4seater) 2.0l

The four seater version means you will have plenty of room for passengers.

Morgan Roadster 3.7L

The most powerful car in the Classic Range with 280bhp and a max torque figure of 380Nm. This translates into an exhilarating on-road performance with a 0 to 62mph time of 5.5 seconds.

Morgan Roadster (4Seater) 3.7L

The four seater version of the Roadster is great for families, allowing you to take the children out for a day of exciting driving.

Morgan Plus 8 4.8L

Originally built in 1968, the Plus 8 provides the ultimate in style and craftsmanship. The new models reflect the historic nature of the Morgan brand as well as offering thrilling performance on the road.

Morgan Plus 8 Speedster

The Speedster model is even more exhilarating to drive than the standard model. Losing the hood and windscreen means an unbelievably raw driving experience that is truly unique.