Should you have the misfortune to need body repairs to your Toyota or Lexus, you can rest assured that your car will be given a personalized, manufacturer-approved level of service every time. From our state-of-the-art facilities we can bring the bodywork of your car back to its original pristine condition. If you have been involved in an accident - or if your vehicle has suffered a bump or scrape at any stage - we can help you get the problem fixed. If you don't get surface damage fixed quickly, rust could set in, which will mean permanent damage, that could affect the performance of your car.

Our qualified technicians will be able to quickly assess your car and suggest an appropriate, cost-effective solution. We will consult with you before carrying out any work and you can trust that all replacement parts that we use will be manufacturer-approved. This means that the warranty on your car will not be affected at all so you can enjoy peace of mind driving at all times.

With efficient service and long opening hours Al-Futtaim Auto Centers is here when you need support. You can find out more about our BodyCenter and the services we provide by contacting us today. Fill in the enquiry form, give us a call or visit your nearest retailer if you want to book an appointment or ask any questions.



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Step 1
Carefully check the details of your insurance policy for excess & contribution payments, courtesy car entitlement etc.

Step 2
Register the claim with your insurance company, provide us with a claim reference, police report, mulqia & driver’s license.

Step 3
Our qualified technicians will inspect the vehicle’s damage and send a repair estimate to your insurance.

​Step 4
Your insurance assessor will inspect the damage and decide on which parts to be replaced or repaired.

Step 5
The repair can only start after we receive written authorization ( LPO ) from your insurance.​​

Step 6
Replacement parts are ordered, we only use genuine Toyota & Lexus parts.​​​​


Step 7
When the parts arrive we can begin the repair with our trained Toyota & Lexus technicians.​​​

Step 8
Once the repair is complete we carry out final quality checks, (all work is guaranteed for 12 months).

Step 9
The vehicle is cleaned & prepared for hand-over, (professional detailing (( ValPol ) is available on request).

Step 10
Your insurance company will issue a final LPO with a vehicle release notification.

Step 11
ALAC will collect any excess & contribution payments from you, as per your policy terms & conditions.​​​

Step 12
Finally, only after all these steps are completed can your vehicle be released.


Our Fast Repair service uses technology that removes scratches and matches the exact paint colour to your vehicle, with a smooth, flawless factory finish. You can enjoy peace of mind with our Al-Futtaim Auto Centers Guarantee.

Paint Repairs from AED 499 Upholstery Repairs from AED 549
Alloy Wheel Repair from AED 499 Headlight Repair from AED 99
Bumper Repair from AED 699 Glass Repair from AED 449
Paintless Dent Removal from AED 449 Mirror Cover Repair from AED 399